Tips for Managing Home Contents During a Home Demolition

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One decision owners of old homes are often faced with is whether to sell, engage in extensive renovations or simply to knock down the entire residence and start over. In many cases the cost of a home demolition and rebuild is similar, or even cheaper than extensive renovations. By staying on site, as opposed to selling and buying a new home at a different location, a lot of costs and fees can be avoided, such as stamp duty. Demolition is an exciting milestone in the process of building your new home and careful planning can make the process run as smoothly as possible. This article explores effective ways to manage your contents, make a profit here and there and avoid double handling.

What Goes into Storage and What Doesn’t?

Now is the time to think about what you want to keep for your new house and what is time to upgrade. If you have been living with old worn out furniture, now might be the time to get rid of these, rather than paying to keep them in storage. You can put items up for sale for free on Gumtree or Facebook groups. Money earned on sales and saved on storage fees can help to pay for new items that fit into your brand new home.

Selling Off Old Whitegoods

Similarly, it might be a good time for whitegoods such as fridges, washing machines and driers that have had their time to go. Selling off unwanted items or even giving them away means fewer items for you to dispose of and fewer items to store, saving you tip fees and the like. It also saves you time and effort moving them into your new home, only to decide then that you would actually like to replace them.

Salvage Items with Resale Value

Even if your home is old, there may be items that are in relatively good order that can easily be sold online. Take photos of things like laundry benches, vanities, bathtubs and kitchens before you pull them out. Even if you only make a small profit, at least you don’t have to worry about disposing of them or pay extra tip fees. Organising a garage sale is a fun way of getting rid of smaller unwanted goods and you might make a few dollars.

Reusing Quality Materials

There are some items that may not look particularly attractive or valuable, but may still have use for you. A fresh coat of paint can bring old doors or skirting boards to life. A stainless steel laundry sink could also be used in your new home. It may not seem like a lot, but it is surprising how a lot of small things add up and you can end up saving a considerable amount of money. Don’t forget your outdoor assets either. Pavers, for example, have a long life and could be used in your new outdoor entertaining area. Plants take years to establish, so rather than starting fresh, keep some of your favourite ones.

Move the Rest to Storage

The rest of your contents can then go into storage where they will be safe and secure while your home demolition takes place and your new home is built. When the time comes all your belongings will be ready to be picked up in one place.

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